Khwaja ki Deewani

Sabri Brothers

A few words of context. This is a manqabat qawwali written by the Sabri Brothers. A manqabat is usually in praise of Imam Ali, but this one is about Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, a Sufi saint from the 12th century, who spent most of his life in Ajmer, India. He’s often known by the name his followers gave him: ghareebnawaz, which means “benefactor of the poor”.

The Sabri Brothers were Sufis who belonged to the Chishti Order. This particular version was sung by Neha Naaz, a young singer from Delhi in India. I like her singing because she has a very clear voice, and being young, she tries extra hard to enunciate each word carefully, which is helpful to a non-native Hindi/Urdu speaker like myself. A lot of older, more seasoned qawwals tend to slur their words, and they also have half a dozen background singers harmonizing with them, making them very hard to understand.

Note that Hindi and Urdu are gendered languages, so this singer uses the feminine forms of certain words, which I’ve transcribed. If you come across another version on the net that uses different forms of those words, it was probably transcribed from a male singer, that’s why.

Niyaz-o-naaz ka, kitna haseen manzar hai
Idhar ghareeb kharey hain, udhar ghareebnawaz.

What a beautiful scene of devotion and grace
Over here the poor stand, and over there their benefactor.

Har ek simt se, bas aa rahi hai ye awaz
Manam ghareeb dayaro, tu hee ghareebnawaz.

From every direction come the voices
We are your supplicants, and you our protector.

Bichar ke aap ke dar se, sukoon-e-dil na mila
Khuda gawah hai, khuda ka rasool ya khwaja.

We could find no peace on leaving your door
God is witness, there is only God’s Messenger, and you Khwaja.

Sakhi nagar nagar, sakhi dagar dagar, main to ishq ki aag laga ke chali
Mora khesh gayo, mora bhesh gayo, main to ishq ki aag mein poori jali.
Kal main ki bhabhoot ko munh se mali, tauba ki [unknown] haath mali.

I have wandered here and there, burning with love
Careless of my appearance and my sanity,
With ashes on my face and [unclear]

Ye roop sa roop dikhati chali ..
Ye roop sa roop dikhati chali, aur khwaja ki dhun mein ye gaati chali ….

Presenting this face to world ..
And singing enraptured by Khwaja ..

[Main to deewani, khwaja ki deewani] repeat

I am delirious ..
Entranced by Khwaja ..

Nafrat ka zaher baaton mein tum ghol ke dekho
Aa jayenge khwaja, mujhey kuch bol ke dekho
Ye nizam-e-aqeedat zara tol ke dekho
Lillah, farishton! Lillah, farishton! Ye kafan khol ke dekho ..

Mix the poison of hatred in your words and see
Try saying something, Khwaja will protect me
Weigh the measure of my faith
In God’s name, open this shroud and look inside ..

[Main to deewani, khwaja ki deewani] repeat

Sansar Hari ko poojey, Guru ko jagat sarahey ..
Sansar Hari ko poojey, Guru ko jagat sarahey
Makkey mein koi dhoondey, Kashi mein koi chahey
Guiyyan mein apne pee ke, paiyan paroon na kahey
Har qaum milna tera, din-e-waqib laga hai
Man qibla rast kar dum, har simt kaj gulaye.

The world prays to the Hindu gods, praises the Sikh Guru
Looks for Him in Mecca, or in Kashi
[Bhojpuri mixed with Urdu and Persian, not clear]

Paap dhul jayein saarey ki paapan hun main
Bhaag mere jaga do abhagan hun main.
Tu hai daata mera aur bhikaran hun main,
Main to kya cheez hun, badshah-e-tajwar,
Teri dargah ki jaaliyan tham kar,
Kahtey hain khwaja kar do karam ki ek nazar.

May my sins be washed away for I am a sinner
May my fortune improve for I am unfortunate
You are the lord and I am your supplicant
I am nothing, even kings in their crowns
Cling to the grill surrounding your tomb
And ask for your favor.

Phir kya hua jo kah diya …
Phir kya hua jo kah diya, main ne itna agar …

Then what does it matter if I just said …

[Main to deewani, khawaja ki deewani] repeat

Kitni ajeeb baat hai, baat bhi kuch ajeeb hai
Jis ne diya hai dard-e-dil, vo hee mera tabeeb hai.
Dair-o-haram mein imtiaz shahwa-e-ahal-e-dil nahin,
Ye bhi dar-e-habeeb hai, vo bhi dar-e-habeeb.

What a strange situation this is
The one who has grieved me can also cure me.
For those who take these matters to heart, there is no difference
This is the house of God, and so is that one.

Na gharaz haram ke waqar se, na sanam kadey ke bahar se ..
Hamein kaam hai dariyar se, dariyar phir dariyar hai.

I have no concern for the dignity of the kaaba Or the beauty of temple
I care only for door of my beloved, wherever I can find it.

Haram aur dair ke katbey vo dekhey jis ko fursat hai
Yahan hadd-e-nazar tak sirf unwan-e-mohabbat hai

Those who have the time may study the inscriptions on kaaba and temple
To the limits of my vision, I see nothing but love.

Parastar-e-mohabbat ki mohabbat hee shariyat hai
Kisi ko yaad kar ke aah bhar lena ibadat hai.

To the lover, the true love is the only path
And longing for my beloved the only worship.

Jahan vo hai wahan dil hai, jahan dil hai wahan sab kuch
Magar pahley maqam-e-dil samajhney ki zaroorat hai.

My heart is wherever he is, and the heart is everything
One must understand the importance of the heart.

Meri deewangi par ye hosh waley bahas farmayein
Magar pahley unhein deewana ban ney ki zaroorat hai.

These rational people may laugh at my madness
But to understand it, they have to experience it first.

Muslim yahi kehtay hain ki masjid mein aa,
Aur Hindu yahi kehtey hain ki mandir achcha
Sikhon ka ye dawa hai ki gurudwara achcha
Aur Isai ye kahtey hain girija mein aa.

Muslims ask me to visit the mosque
Hindus invite me to the temple
Sikhs prefer the Gurdwara
And Christians want me to go to Church.

Lekin mera kya kahna hai, aisa maaf kijiyega …
Hai jaisi nazar vaisi soojhey, koi ye poojey koi vo poojey
Deewaney ki duniya sab se alag, na yeh poojey na voh poojey.

But forgive me, I reject them all
Their perspective is different, some worship this, some worship that
My world is not like theirs, I worship none of these things.

Kaaba, kaleesa, gurudwara aur ganga ..
Kaaba, kaleesa, gurudwara aur ganga, in pheron se mujh ko matlab kya ..

Kaaba, Church, Gurdwara or the holy Ganges
What concern do I have for these things?

[Main to deewani, khawaja ki deewani] repeat

Na keerat chertey kyon ho, ye kaleja cheer ke dekho


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